Toyota Tundra Keyless Match method

Toyota Tundra Keyless Match method

Toyota Tundra is Japan Toyota produced a US version of the big pickup, its size and Hummer is not bad. Very well suited for long distance travel , it was once sought after due to its versatility – a collection of SUV's off-road performance, the cargo capacity of the truck, as well as the comfort of the car. The car is mainly sold in North America, there are few imports. Today share the car keys lost all of the matching methods.


2014 model Toyota Tundra, with G chip is used. Equipment cases, can refer to the split-free password method to initialize. This method is faster, but Inquire Code, made with equipment for Toyota. Here's method is to manually modify the alarm box data directly and initialize match. Drawback is to remove instrument panel.


1. remove the anti-theft box class wrote

Anti-theft box location behind the air conditioning evaporator, you need to remove the entire instrument panel. Anti-theft box appearance model: 625395-000, Open a shell found on the circuit board chip eight feet, model: 93C66, programmer (universal programmer, Digital Masters, VVDI, XP programmer) read data and initialize changes.

Modify the Initialize method:

And above were changed to 000 0E0 rows first, and the second byte of the same value, this example is now F3 58 we F358 0E0 and above are modified.


Sixth byte and 120 lines 100 lines of fourth byte to F358 likewise.


Sixth byte 1A0 began to 1C0 the fourth byte is also read F358.


2. increased the key

Initializes the data after modification, write back 93C66, welding computer Board, replacing the anti-theft match box car. Car power, red LED alarm lights illuminated steady state, prove to initialize the data modified successfully.