TM100 46/4D Copy Box Hardware Instructions for Use

TM100-46/4D Copy Box Hardware Instructions for Use

Copy 46 need holding copies of box car and gather data collecting open copy box switch, collection head near the keys.

Copies must ensure that the copy before the 46 box does not collect data from other cars.

Check--checks the copies box for collecting data

Long press--a red light indicates that there is no data, a green light means there is data.

After you have finished collecting data, TM100 host and copy cartridges need to be simultaneously connected computers, 46 TM100 software is used to copy.

After you have connected the computer copy box USB light is green.

Clear--press and hold to clear the copy box collection of data.

Copy 4D is no need to collect data, copy box and TM100 directly connected to the computer can be operated.

Copy box is equipped with and TM100 host data cable.

Can be used directly to copy box connected to the computer,

TM100 hosts also need a cable to connect a computer.

Copy box to connect a computer to recharge automatically,

46 data collected just open copy box switch car collection.

Product link:Lockwish TM100