Principle of Locksmith Single Hook Lock Pick

Principle of Locksmith Single Hook Lock Pick

Single hook, now that markets have a variety of hooks, different styles each and the top looked different (Rhombus, sphere, square, curve).

Combined with single hook while using another tool, called a push rod, it's just a long thin one end or both ends bent at right angles, but it can be inserted into a Keyhole to lock a rotary pressure, formation of dislocation.

Single hook lock technique is very important for Locksmiths because single hook lock technique in the open car shrapnel locks and marbles locks used it for civilian use. A not key turns the lock unlocks the most convenient method is to use a single technique to achieve this objective.

Single hook it in single hook technical unlock among, promoted rod of uses is very important, because in unlock of process in the first insert key hole of is promoted rod, first to promoted good lock heart, let lock heart formed dislocation Hou again stretch into single hook key hole in the to toggle play beads reached unlock of purpose, promoted rod of bad and using whether smoothly and unlock can success of opened and unlock of time speed has is big of associated, then is left (by people common of habits into is left took promoted rod of more, There are also individual people are used as single push rod in his right hand with his left hand) with push rod, hook in his right hand is so important, especially at the opening of a number of special-shaped marble lock and some weird key locks, showing importance of push rod.

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